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"Four on the Floor" Features: Dan Stiles, Joe J. Calkins, Jesse Reno and Mike Trapp
RECEPTION: Saturday, March 21 5PM- 9PM

Over the past twenty years, Dan Stiles has collaborated with everyone from indie bands to major corporations in creating posters, identities, advertising, custom packaging, and limited edition collectable art and merchandise. His clients range from Wilco and The National to the X Games, IBM, and Nickelodeon. He draws from a broad swath of influences including skateboard graphics, album covers, modern art, picture books, comics, psychedelia, and vintage advertising. Dan is the author of several children's books, and powerHouse Press recently published a monograph of his work entitled One Thing Leads to Another. He lives with his wife and daughters in Portland, Oregon. Dan say "I believe that design can be art when created with vision and integrity."

Joe J. Calkins is a self-taught artist and illustrator from Portland, OR. His work has mostly been in the fantasy and Science Fiction genre, appearing on book covers and in gaming products. Joe draws and paints in traditional mediums and also incorporates digital work into many of his commercial illustration projects.

Jesse Reno is a self-taught mixed media painter. He has been drawing since he could hold a pencil, and painting and exhibiting his works since 2000. Jesse has amassed over 3000 paintings in the last 12 years, and has exhibited his work extensively across the US and Canada as well as France and Mexico. Jesse's work has been covered in various art publications including Juxtapoz, Artnews, Artension, dpi and Somerset Studio just to name a few. One of his largest works can be seen in Winnipeg, Canada where he was commissioned by the Province of Manitoba to create a 25 x 40 ft mural as a reminder to the cultural importance of the Native American people in the region. my latest works deal with the idea of fragments and the connection. feeling rather than knowing. choosing instinct over logic to achieve desire rather than defined outcomes. the chaos of volcanos, the collapse of an avalanche, the weight of an anchor. the idea of boyancy over balance. some locks do not open with keys. this is a world where candy canes grow at the tops of mountains. freedom comes from belief and choice, and all things are connected.

Mike Trapp "My art and photography stems from my imagination. I believe the source of my creativity draws from my background. My experience stationed in Germany as a Tank Platoon Leader and an Executive Officer in the environment of pre don't ask don't tell of the 1980's, obviously influenced me in many ways. One was the immense loneliness, but yet in it's own way, allowed me to appreciate the history and beauty of the European countryside. When I was a child, my art was a way for me to escape the realities of being a closeted gay male. My fascination with science fiction, was just another way of escaping to a different world. Living in the Northwest has given me an immense awe of nature. combined with all of my life experiences has influenced my style and approach to art and photography."

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