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RECEPTION: Saturday, April 16– April 30. Gallery hours are Thursday- Sunday, NOON-6pm.

• Works by 50+ Oregon Artists
• Featuring a selected collection of posters and illustrations by CRAIG HORKY

Feature Poster Arist: Craig Horky: People’s Gallery features a nationally recognized poster artist each month.

Craig Horky farms out his consciousness-destroying illustrations to sweat shop labor in developing countries, where children as young as 9 have developed arthritis from painstakingly reproducing three-headed foxes and Abe Lincoln skulls. When they can no longer draw, they wander the streets raving of the things they have been forced to imagine. Craig Horky must be stopped! Just kidding!

Horky’s a Lansing-based artist, illustrator and graphic designer. Locally, he’s known for the hundreds of distinct concert posters he’s produced over the years, mainly for punk, metal, indie and ska bands. The illustrations lean toward the weirder side of the spectrum, featuring oddities like three-eyed girls, humans with animal heads, or a stoic Abe Lincoln sporting ram horns while holding an owl.

These peculiar concepts, no doubt, come from Horky’s creative subconscious, but they’re also aimed to please the customer. “I’ll look through previous artwork the bands have had and maybe incorporate some of the themes they’ve been running with, or go through their lyrics and find something that pops out at me,” Horky says.

“I do all the graphic design for First National Bank of America, First National Acceptance Company, and Rose Acceptance – it’s all financial,” he says. “I do ads, leave behinds, brochures, statement stuffers, website-related things, some outdoor signage, indoor bank posters and signs.” Horky says being a paid artist these days means going beyond paint and ink. “The days of doing graphic design by hand are dead,” he says. “You can incorporate hand-drawn stuff, but in the end it’s got to be on the computer. It’s a lot of Photoshop, a lot of Illustrator, InDesign, even Excel and Word.”

Also he does collaborations with other poster artists and in general his work and illustrations are amazing. Graphic Designer by day, thankfully he finds the time to make plenty of side art! If you have the chance to stop by and see Horky's works you might find the prices to be reasonable and likely take home a silkscreen print framed by PoBoy Art!

CLOSING NOTES.. Sadly, Pioneer Galleries will be closing their doors on April 30th. OUR last art show as united galleries (Peoples Art of Portland, Mark Woolley at Wonder, AIR Gallery/Fred Swan and OneDer Gallery/Jason Poboyart Brown Framing) at Pioneer Place Mall is Saturday April 16th, 5-9pm (“The Final Countdown”). Due to future development of the spaces by investors, we are unable to continue our lease with Pioneer Place Mall. We have been open and active since 2009, hosting hundreds of shows with thousands of visitors. We have always been “guests” in the mall, occupying empty retail spaces, supported by a generous corporate entity. We always knew the ART party at Pioneer would end someday, and we thank the mall, Bob Buchanan (Mall director, who thought of this idea), Georgia Coward (mall liaison and friend) AND all the artists, volunteers, managers, staff, family, friends and everyone that has ever supported us in these spaces. THANKS SO MUCH. We are working on a new place for our next adventures. All Love For Portland Artists, thanks for being our friends.

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