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"Prints and The Revolution" 2nd annual show of art print works and the art of revolution
RECEPTION: Saturday, November 15 -- December 7, 2014 SHOP ART>

Featuring poster/print artist, James Flames
Featuring print and original works by artists Jon Janosik & Lynda Jikai Golan
People’s stable print artists, including EMEK, Brin Levinson, Allison Bruns, Jessie Fox, Ursula Barton, Roxanne Patruznick, Chris Haberman and Jason Brown, and many many more.

This month at the Peoples Art of Portland is a collection to celebrate the art of prints. We regularly feature music art prints, but also hundreds of other artists’ prints as well. An affordable show before the holidays, Prints and The Revolution will include reproductions of hundreds of different regional artists’ works, with a special feature section from acclaimed national artist, James Flames. Also featuring series’ prints and originals by abstract artist Lynda Jikai Golan, and the award-winning nature and OPB featured artist, Jon Janosik.

Main Feature Artist: JAMES FLAMES... is just some guy. He’s an illustrator and a printmaker who honed his skills in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY before moving to the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains of Asheville, NC, where he currently works and resides. His artwork has been featured in galleries from London to L.A., Chicago to NYC, Austin to Seattle — as well as on beer bottle labels, album covers, magazines, comic books and well, you get the idea. He also creates rock posters for some of the top touring bands out on the road today — posters which he screen prints by hand in his studio tucked away in the woods.

FEAUTRE ARTIST: Jon Janosik “I was born in Connecticut in 1941. Living with my grandparents on their Trumbull farm in my formative years, I became enchanted with wild birds, nature and Biology. Visits to New York City, New Haven, and Boston Museums opened my mind to both Art and Natural History and I began to emulate what I saw represented there. I became acquainted with Roger Tory Peterson and gained many early skills in the field while attending his local bird walks.

I attended Oberlin College as a Zoology Major and continued my informal bird study with Prof. Em. Lynds Jones ,a pre-eminent field biologist at the college. It was here that I began my professional career as illustrator preparing the ink drawings from specimens for Prof. Warren F Walkers' ‘'Vertebrate Dissection , 3rd Ed. and ‘'Anatomy of the Cat''. At that time I also began to draw birds from the college collection, training my eye to the individual nuances of each species and clarifying my understanding the living bird in the field.

I returned to New Haven after college, and took a position at the Yale University Peabody Museum as assistant illustrator and began to paint seriously in my leisure hours. I learned to handle tempera, oils, and watercolors from various members of the museum artist staff who kindly guided me in my passion to learn. These men included Rudolf Freund, (James) Perry Wilson, and master bird taxidermist David Parsons. I would often take my lunch watching Perry Wilson or Rudolf Zallinger working on a diorama or mural in the main halls of the museum. Perry Wilson's conversations helped direct my energies to plein-air landscape painting in oil and watercolor to train my eye toward seeing with my brush and to create bird sketches from life in the field. Robert Verity Clem would occasionally come by the bird range and severely critiqued my efforts, for which I will be eternally grateful.

In 1967, I was introduced to Don R. Eckelberry whose bird guides I had admired since childhood. Don encouraged me with demonstrations and lively discussions that gave me the courage to strike out on my own as a painter of birds. He has mentored many fine bird painters and illustrators and I feel deeply honored to have known him well. Since then, my work has been featured in such books as ''Field Guide to North American Birds'' (National Geographic Society), ''Birds of the Ligonier Valley'' (Carnegie Museum) ,''The Audubon Society Master Guide to Birding'', ''An Audubon Handbook ,Western/Eastern Birds'', and ''Book of North American Birds'' (Readers Digest Books).

I have traveled to study birds in the United States, Central and South America, The Caribbean, Hawaii and most recently Japan. Ocean birds have always captured my interest and I have spent months on oceanographic scientific cruises in the New World. In recent years, I have devoted myself to easel painting and completing commissions from international collectors. My works have been exhibited in numerous museums, and galleries including:- Kobe Museum- Sanda Japan; The Smithsonian, National Museum of Natural History -Washington DC; Leigh Yawkey Woodson Art Museum-Wausau WI ; Carnegie Museum -Pittsburgh PA; Moji Art Galley-Kitakyushu Japan; Royal Scottish Academy- Edinburgh (Birds in Art), Kirritappu Wetland Center, Hokkaido, Japan and the British Museum- London England.

I have always been drawn to the sea and the mountains. For the last 35 years, I have made my home in Western Oregon. After a visit to the Pacific Northwest in 1970 to study birds, I decided to settle in the Willamette Valley of Oregon. I think what I treasure most about Oregon is the accessibility to 'wildness', which for me evokes the sense of the 'primal' or fundamental earth. There is enough subject matter in Oregon to keep me painting for many lifetimes.

FEATURE ARTIST: Lynda Jikai Golan is an artist and therapist living in both Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California. From Brooklyn to Portland by way of a Kibbutz in Israel and a Zen center in LA, her path to Portland resonates serious tones of community, art, creativity and philosophy. As a practicing Zen Buddhist, Jikai is the Dharma name she received from Roshi Egyoku Nakao at the Zen Center of Los Angeles.

In the beginning of her career she lived for eleven years on a Kibbutz in Israel performing a variety of jobs including agriculture, teaching English, and taking care of infants. She had a studio in a quonset hut given to her by the community. Her future husband was another young artist living on the Kibbutz. Yuval Golan did not have a studio, so that was part of what brought them together. Her oldest child, Emek, was born on the Kibbutz.

She lives and works in Portland, OR and Los Angeles, CA.

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