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"People of Peoples"
RECEPTION: Saturday, January 17 -- February 8

PEOPLE OF PEOPLES: This month at the Peoples Art of Portland is a collection dedicated to our resident, staff and volunteer artists that make the gallery what it is, about The People.

The People of Peoples is a beloved collection of 50 plus diverse artists that spans from the owner/operators (Haberman/Brown) to resident artist EMEK and volunteer contemporary encaustic artist Fred Swan. From affordable originals to prints to everything in between, The People of Peoples, has it all.

Gary Houston
Guy Burwell
Chris Haberman
Jason Brown
Ali Schlicting
Jen Berry
Ursula Barton
Brenda Dunn
Ace Troy
Carrie Goolsby
Carrie Green
Fred Swan
Heather Owens
Mona Superhero
Jessie McGrath
Jon Wolloch
Kim Bookman
Larry Christensen
Raithon Clay
Melissa Dow
Rio Shayne
Jackie Avery
Brin Levinson
Jennifer Urquhart
Chuck Bloom
Michelle Bates
Jessie Fox
Mike Trapp
Peggy Pfunninger
Patrice Demmon
and many others!!

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