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Marc Girouard and Travis Abels

Artist in Residence Fall 2015; A full multi-sensory, storytelling collaboration of visual art and audio.

Starting September 19th, you are cordially invited to put on a headset and be transported to another time and place. "A multimedia storytelling collaboration, creating immersive experiences that open a door into someone else’s life!" Kickstarter Project link>>

Three years ago Travis Abels started recording conversations with friends and people he met on the street. From those recordings, he made short audio portraits by pulling apart a collection of moments, reshaping them with sound design and music, to create immersive soundscapes. From there the vision grew with Marc Girouard. Together they started collaborating on visual interpretations of the audio portraits, by making 16x16” screen prints to accompany them.

We became fascinated with how a story evolves over time, as memory tinkers with the details. From here, we decided to embrace those inconsistencies and take them a step further. Hence the title, or Something Like That.

We got crazy excited about the idea of an audio/visual portrait, and decided to make a collection of ten and package them into a vinyl record and booklet for the stories to be seen and heard simultaneously.

We also loved the idea of creating a gallery space in which these stories could live in a more interactive way. Upon entering the gallery, you’ll be invited to put on headset that connects you to the portrait of your choice. While walking through the space, your ears are eyes are linked to different versions of the same story!

The collaborative nature of the project grew even more as we began reaching out to our favorite musicians to create original scores for each piece. Such musicians include Gene Back from The Books and Cameron Spies from Portland's own Radiation City. Over the past year and a half we’ve been working tirelessly to make this dream a reality. Eight of the ten portraits are in their final stages for printing and mastering, and through the good people of the A.I.R. gallery in downtown Portland, we’ve secured a gallery space for three weeks in which to premiere this event.

When you contribute to this project, you get a piece of it, and enable us to spread it far and wide by pressing more records, printing more art, and finding more stories. Assuming that our goal is fulfilled, we'll be reaching out to everyone shortly after the end of the campaign with details about claiming your rewards. At this stage you can pick exactly which portraits you want, how you’d like us to mod out your jean jacket, celebrate your day of honor, what-have-you!

Outside of Pencil-Head Industries, Marc is a freelance artist and graphic designer, and Travis is an award-winning* trailer editor for the movie business (*The Imitation Game).

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